Often, children of substance abusers are frightened. They may
be the victims of physical violence or incest. They may also witness domestic violence. And as a result, these youngsters may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. These children are not only frightened for their own well-being – they also harbour the all-too-real concern that their parent may get sick or die as a result of the drinking or drug use. They know that their parent may drive intoxicated.


The people hurt most by drugs and alcohol doesn’t even use them; they are the CHILDREN of alcoholics and other drug dependent parents.

The National Association for Children of Addicts NZ believes that none of these vulnerable children should grow up in isolation and without support. NACoA is an organization working on behalf of children of alcohol and drug dependent parents.

Phone: 021-365-433

Email: info@nacoanz.org.nz

Web: www.nacoa.org.nz

Parental substance abuse interrupts a child’s normal development, which places these youngsters at higher risk for emotional, physical and mental health problems.

Many children from addicted homes blame themselves for their parent’s substance abuse.


Take care of our children
Take care of what they hear
Take care of what they see
Take care of how they feel
For how the children grow
So will the shape of Aotearoa
— Dame Whina Cooper